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Our Forklift Training School offers the following courses for Beginner/Novice and Experienced Forklift Operators:

A) Counterbalance 1-10 to Forklifts
B) ReachTruck 1-3 Ton Forklifts
C) Pedestrian or Ride on Power Pallet Trucks

D) Bendi Flexi Trucks
E) Conversions
F) Re- certifications

G) Manual Handling Safety
(All Staff including office and administration staff should have this)
H) Occupational First Aid.

All Employers are required under 2004, 1993 Health and Safety at Work Acts to have all Forklift and Power Pallet Truck operators certified including part-time and Holiday relief Staff.

We offer both on and off site training.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.