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Toyota Tonero gets new line up of industrial engines

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) has launched this year more products and solutions than ever before. Now it is preparing the launch of a brand new Toyota 41kW diesel engine designed for the Toyota Tonero torque convertor forklifts for 1.5 to 3.5t models

What differentiates Toyota engines from those found in the competitors’ forklift trucks is that they are designed and produced in-house, enabling a unique control over quality, reliability and durability. All Toyota engines are developed with a long company tradition for Kaizen (continuous improvement) and are built using the Toyota Production system (TPS). They are also specifically made for industrial purposes.

The new engine boasts high productivity in material handling operations combined with low energy consumption and therefore reduced cost. It is 28% more energy efficient than its predecessor and much cleaner than required by the European Union exhaust emission regulation Stage 3B. This new addition to the line-up of clean and compact Toyota industrial engines achieves market competitive fuel efficiency.



This new engine – the 1ZS- lives up to Toyota’s reputation for delivering exceptional efficiency in material handling. An inline, 3-cylinder, turbo-charged engine which uses common-rail direct fuel injection, this is the ideal power unit when it comes to high-intensity stacking, long-distances and high-travel speed applications. The variable nozzle turbocharger is controlled electronically to deliver high torque even at low engine speeds and is the most compact on the market.

This new common rail diesel engine includes Load Sensing Power Steering (LSPS), which controls oil flow for power steering according to the load weight, benefitting fuel consumption. But it also leads to low effort steering control and contributes to better driveability for the operator.

Productivity with energy-efficiency is achievable with this engine. Several features including eco-mode optimise fuel economy while maintaining the engine’s strong power. Furthermore, an auto-stop function on the Tonero can be pre-set to stop the engine automatically when idling, reducing customers’ overall fuel consumption. In terms of cost benefits, the new engine eliminates the need for the diesel particulate filter (a DPF) - typically installed on diesel engines to meet Stage 3B emission levels – and therefore any kind of associated maintenance costs.

The new 41 kW completes the Toyota engine offer and goes alongside the Toyota 36kW engine – further improved with Load Sensing Power Steering. “We present a range of new Toyota engines to suit all applications from low to high intensity delivering our customers increased fuel efficiency in line with the latest EU emissions regulations. Bringing this choice to customers allows us to reinforce our position as leaders in intralogistics solutions,” says Craig Walby, Director Product management at Toyota Material Handling Europe.