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Good Design Award 2014 for Toyota Industries Corporation

Toyota Industry Corporation (TICO) has been awarded with the prestigious  Good Design award 2014 for the Toyota Geneo, the Japanese equivalent of the European Tonero 3.5- 8.0t counterbalanced forklift truck

Since 1957, the Good Design Award has established itself as a reference point for quality design in Japan. It has been promoting both local and overseas companies as well as designers, working to improve industries and the society through exceptional, innovative design. Its trademark - the “G Mark” – is widely regarded as a symbol for outstanding design, which inspires creativity within the industry.

   The jury of the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the organisers behind the programme, agreed that the Toyota Geneo forklift truck deserves this recognition for being a top class modern industry vehicle.

The Geneo is built using a powerful, efficient engine that delivers low fuel consumption and emissions, combining high productivity with environmental consciousness.

Ergonomics and functionality are central to its design, prioritising operator comfort, safety and efficiency in some of the most demanding material handling applications.

This year, Toyota Material Handling launched in Europe its award-winning heavy-duty counterbalanced truck known as the Tonero 3.5 to 8.0 tonnes. Thanks to its complete range of IC counterbalanced forklift trucks, Toyota can support its customers with the most suitable handling solutions that cover all European market needs.


 Toyota Material Handling has received more than 25 design awards so far, 16 of which are Good Design awards. In 2006, Tonero 1.5 to 3.5 tonnes received the Good Design Award. Tonero heavy-duty truck was praised for its design concept that inspires stability and strength.  

“With a design concept ´Stable but Powerful´, we managed to express the power and efficiency of the heavy-duty truck into a vibrant and functional design. We are always grateful and also proud to receive such high recognition for the design quality seen in our products,” says Tadayuki Yakushi, Manager, Design Office at Toyota Industries Corporation.