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Our Company has been the leading agent for the last number of years of Toyota Industrial equipment ranging from Electrical Forklifts, Diesel forklifts, Gas forklifts and other Toyota/BT Warehouse Equipment.

We  have a wide range of  forktrucks for hire. No term too long and no term too short and available at very Competitive rates. Our Fleet of Hire Trucks are maintained to the highest standard and are all fully certified by our team of highly qualified Engineers.

Short Term Hire

Short Term Hire: This is often the solution to catering for peak periods, seasonal rush or even equipment breakdown. By availing of this service there is no need for an investment in an extra truck to be on stand by and no need to keep the old spare when this will be costing you more than it will give back to you in terms of value for money.

Long Term Hire

Long-Term Hire: refers to equipment needed for a year to five years or longer. This is the area, which has seen the most growth in the last decade with more customers making this the preferred method of acquiring the equipment they require. This option allows customers to focus on their own business and lets us maintain the trucks in perfect working order without the need for endless paperwork. Customers also use this method to control their overheads with no untimely or expensive maintenance costs popping up from time to time.